Expot to USA, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europa, Taiwan, Singapore, JapĆ³n, Australia, Israel.


Chia Corp Europe has its offices based in Spain, where we have the NOVEL FOOD registration, which allows you to import directly chia in Europe. We also have a warehouse in Rotterdam which allows us to fulfill the demand generated in the European market.

Our offices in USA are located in Florida. And we have two Warehouses, one in Vernon (California) and another one in New Jersey. These strategic locations allow us to meet the demand of the two coasts without generating extra costs for logistics.

Bolivia facility
Is the only plant in Bolivia with ISO 22000 certification and exclusive for processing Chia seeds. It has 2000 m2, equipped with the latest technology.
With a daily processing capacity of 20 tons, plus 200 TM daily reception and a cold storage with controlled temperature and humidity up to 700 TM.

Ecuador facility
This facilities are exclusively for Chia seeds, with ISO 22000 certification is strategically located in an area with low humidity and temperature throughout the year, creating ideal ambient conditions to preserve product quality.